James Russell – Paul Nash: Landscape and Dream – 28th October 2017

Posted on Jul 7, 2017

The art historian James Russell became a favourite with CASW members following his excellent lecture on Eric Ravilious two years ago. His field of expertise is very wide but his interest lies particularly in British art of the 20th Century. His erudite and informative lectures are much in demand by cultural organisations everywhere. In addition James is a widely published writer about art, illustration and design. He has curated many highly regarded exhibitions.

Paul Nash (1889-1946) was a British surrealist painter, illustrator, designer and war artist. He was one of the most important landscape artists of his age, who contributed significantly to the development of Modernism. The works he produced in WW1 – such as The Menin Road, a painting some 60 foot square – remain some of the most iconic images of that period. During WW2, although extremely sick with the asthma that was to kill him, he produced a series of paintings of aircraft and landscapes with an intense mystical quality.

The Menin Road


Spring in the Trenches