Artists’ Talks

Artists’ Talks


CASW organises a series of lectures/talks each year, on Tuesday evenings (free and open to the public) and at Saturday lunchtime (bookings needed; members only).  You will find below a selection of material from those events.  We are grateful to the artists who have agreed to share this material via the CASW website.





CUREEN, Claire – October 2014


DAVIES, Ivor – February 2017


DEWIS, Adeola – September 2016


GARNER, David – February 2016

Andy Griffiths

GRIFFITHS, Andy – October 2016


MacDONALD, Robert – February 2014

Jac Saorsa

SAORSA, Jac – November 2016


SINNOTT, Kevin – January 2017


WILLIAMS, Sue – January 2014