Peter Lord – The Tradition: A New History of Welsh Art – 2nd December 2017

Posted on Jun 17, 2017

Peter Lord is an art historian who specialises in the study of the visual culture of Wales.  He has particular interests in the artisan painters of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, in the imaging of industrial Wales in the first half of the twentieth century, and in the theoretical questions which arise from the study of visual culture in a nation regarded as marginal to the mainstream of western art history.


He wrote The Visual Culture of Wales, three large volumes published by the University of Wales Press between 1998 and 2003, as the culmination of a major project at Aberystwyth’s Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies.  The Tradition: A New History of Welsh Art, published in 2016, spans 1400 to 1990; it is an important publication for anyone interested in Wales and in art.