Rian Evans – Kyffin Williams in his Centenary Year – 19th May 2018

Posted on Feb 16, 2018

Rian Evans has written extensively about the arts in Wales. Music is her first discipline and, while it is criticism in the Guardian and Opera magazine that is most often seen, Rian has always pursued a parallel interest in the visual arts. She is the author of the new monograph, Kyffin Williams: The Light and the Dark, being published in May by Lund Humphries to mark his centenary.

In 1995, Kyffin was the recipient of CASW’s Gold Medal but, half a century earlier, it had been society members such as Ralph Edwards who first promoted a young artist they suspected was, like JD Innes, ”not long for this world”. In her lecture, Rian will trace CASW’s role in launching his six-decade career and look at hitherto unexamined influences on the development of his style and particular artistic vision.

Williams, Kyffin; Portrait of a Boy;

Williams, Kyffin; Moel Hebog; Amgueddfa Cymru

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