Thomas Abbott – Contemporary German Artists: Beuys to Kiefer -24th November 2018

Posted on Oct 17, 2017

Thomas Abbott is a specialist in art and architectural history from the Baroque to the 20 th Century. His origins are American and he graduated in Art History and Psychology from  Carleton College , Minnesota.He continued his studies in Paris moving to Berlin in 1987 where he has made his home. He is an expert in German Expressionism,  German art in general and the Bauhaus movement. In recent years he has become familiar to  members of the Cardiff cultural scene many of whom have travelled with him to German cities where he has charmed his groups with his tireless enthusiasm and encyclopaedic knowledge of all things artistic! He is an extremely gifted and engaging speaker.
Joeph Beuys ‘s [1921– 1986]  performances were emblematic of his belief in the power of art to radically transform everyday society.This is exemplified by ” I like America and it likes me” where he lived inside an art gallery with a wild, live coyote for several days.
Anselm Kiefer [ b 1945 ] is considered to be part of a Neo Expressionist movement which diverged in the 1970s from minimalism and abstraction to develop new representational and symbolic languages. Landscape is a recurring motif in Kiefer’s work alluding both to Romanticism and Nazi propaganda.