Vanessa Cutler – The Creative Aspects of Water-Jet Cutting for Glass – 19th September 2017

Posted on Aug 9, 2017

Professor Vanessa Cutler has almost single-handedly pioneered the creative uses of waterjet cutting for glass. The machine uses concentrated jets of water at 55,000 pounds per square inch. Utilising this cutting-edge technology, she produces works of art in glass of great beauty. Professor Cutler trained in Swansea in Architectural Stained Glass subsequently gaining a Masters at the University of Wolverhampton. Until recently, she worked as an artist using glass technology in the North East employed as a Research Fellow at the University of Sunderland. Professor Cutler gained a PhD and now lectures at the Swansea Metropolitan University as an originator and expert in this field of waterjet glass cutting with projects internationally commissioned. Her stunningly original and beautiful works are held in collections all over the world.