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Stop Press – CASW Live Webinar 

In Birdland
Clive Hicks-Jenkins interviewed by Peter Wakelin

Clive Hicks-Jenkins. Photography by Joanne Crawford

CASW now moves to the exciting world of digital events, with an online version of the free Tuesday Evening Lecture Series, giving you the opportunity once again to engage with the larger artistic community and hear from renowned members of the artistic world, from wherever you may be.


In the first of these, Peter Wakelin will interview Clive Hicks-Jenkins, who will talk about how birds weave their way through so much of his work, his inspirations and practices and his current collaboration with Simon Armitage, the Poet Laureate.


This will take place on the 29th September 2020, 19.00, and will be a free online event which will be accessible through a choice of two platforms. If you have not had experience of them already, both are very easy to use.

The interview will be run using Zoom.us, a video conferencing platform which allows the audience both to watch and ask questions. Further details on the Zoom.us platform can be found here – https://zoom.us/

The event will also be available as a live stream on the CASW YouTube channel. You will not be able to engage with the speakers during the event, but you will be able to enjoy the event on any device that has internet.

How to order a free ticket

Free tickets are ordered through Eventbrite. The link to the event is https://bit.ly/2ZdrwPY

Free tickets for full audience participation are very limited so please book early. The booking office is open from 10am on Wednesday, 9 September 2020 for these tickets called Zoom Participation Admission.

Tickets for the YouTube live stream are also available from 10am on Wednesday, 9 September 2020. These tickets are called YouTube Livestream Admission.


CASW National Eisteddfod Purchase Prize 2019

Three works were selected for the CASW Purchase Prize 2019 at the National Eisteddfod in Llanrwst.

Glyn Baines, Harddwch didymhorau, collage on board 

Glyn Baines, Llonyddwch effro, collage on board

Bev Bell-Hughes, Cuddiedig/Hidden, ceramic

These artworks selected by Sian Young, Conwy’s Arts Development Officer, will be exhibited at Conwy Culture Centre in Conwy town.

Harddwch didymhorau

  Glyn Baines, Harddwch didymhorau 

Bev Bell-Hughes, Cuddiedig/Hidden

David Gould Documentary for CASW

In this short film, commissioned by CASW and made by David Brook, we are introduced to the painter David Gould at work as he paints a tree and describes his processes in the early morning light of a Cardiff park. Gould shares his passion for landscape painting and the joy he has when working outdoors. He explains his simple and direct method of operating. We see him at work en plein air, using re-purposed firework sticks and inexpensive brushes to combine drawing and painting. Gould’s narrative is most engaging; he prefers bright to overcast light, employs a grid system for blocking in colours, uses simple glazes and relies on a rudimentary kit of sturdy fisherman’s rucksack stool and easily assembled drawing boards.

Italy is where Gould first started painting landscapes; he reports a “Damascene moment of recognition and response … which struck a deep chord inside me”. He returns to Italy regularly to paint. Expansive or panoramic subjects are often captured from a high viewpoint and he also paints the South Wales valleys from similar high positions.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/davidgouldartist/

CASW has invited David Gould to give a lecture about his work, as part of a regular series of free public lectures. Details will be circulated in 2021.

Film copyright © David Brook, 2020
Script and paintings featured within the film © David Gould, 2020
The film was commissioned by the Contemporary Art Society for Wales

In light of the developing situation regarding the spread of coronavirus, with regret, we have decided to cancel a number of CASW events, including our Tuesday lectures, up to mid May.  In the meantime we will continue to make plans for future CASW activities.

CASW Tuesday Evening Free Lectures

7:00pm- Chemistry Lecture Theatre (1-123), Cardiff University, Park Place, CF10 3AT.  Main Building car park (free) is accessed from Park Place. No booking is required for these events



CASW Lisvane Lectures and Lunches

All CASW Saturday lectures are held in Lisvane Memorial Hall, Lisvane CF14 0SQ  
Members are required to book for these events


CASW Study Tours and Events


Generally CASW study tours and events are open to members only. Booking is essential.