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A Wall in Wales; an observation
McDOWALL, Nicolas
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This is among a handful of projects by the Old Stile Press in which Nicolas McDowall has not only designed the book but has written the text and created the images. It is a meditation upon one of the old stone walls which can still be traced through the woods above the home of the Press at Llandogo in the Wye Valley. He says, ‘The interlocking stones and the shadows between them form patterns which I found I could contemplate timelessly and I imagined somehow that great truths were for the unlocking.’ Thirty-six close-up images of the wall, based on photographs, are bleached out and abstracted, revealing the wall’s chinks and crevices, its jigsaw puzzle form, and the shapes and textures of the ancient stones. The cover paper made at the Press by Frances McDowall completes the book as a striking and beguiling object.
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Aberystwyth School of Art
Dr Peter Wakelin
Medium of Art:
Limited edition artist's book by Old Stile Press
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Nicholas McDowall