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Painter and Subject Matter no 7
ZOBOLE, Ernest (1927-1999)
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Ernest Zobole, who died in 1999, was regarded by many as one of the great artists of Wales, though his work has yet to be recognised more widely. Although CASW had purchased important works in the 1950s and 1960s, the later part of his development was not represented. An exception was made to the Society’s normal remit to acquire posthumously this example of his late style, with its multiple, increasingly detached perspectives of his constant subject: the night-time Rhondda Valley and his home within it. The flow of car lights down the valley parallels the river and illuminated terraces, sometimes with doors and silhouetted figures. To the right is the interior, with the artist’s wife Christine downstairs, and above the painter at his easel, which bears another version of the image. It is a definitive example of Zobole’s vision of the way in which we sense the world.
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Glynn Vivian Gallery
Dr Peter Wakelin
Medium of Art:
oil on canvas
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Estate of Ernest Zobole