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Postcard Series 2 / Cyfres Cardiau Post 2
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I believe CASW was fortunate to have purchased this series of postcards, twelve in all, which were part of the work that both secured his Gold Medal at the 2003 last years Eisteddfod, and inclusion in the Artes Mundi Prize shortlist exhibition. The NMGW has purchased a companion piece. Davies’ work has included large-scale installation pieces, wall hung singed blanket pieces, video work, artist’s books, sound works. All these relate to the specifics of place, to history, memory and socio-cultural factors. Recently he has turned his attention to those twin icons of the tourist postcard, the women in their ,traditional, Welsh costumes, and the castles of Edward the First. He has taken the postcards of Caernarfon and Conwy castles and methodically obliterated the images under a tight network of scored lines, made with a blue biro. The series of ‘Welsh Lady’ postcards have been subjected to a different intervention. The artist has, with surgical precision, removed them from their postcard settings, leaving a neat and empty, recognizable, but blank silhouette. Getting rid of these outmoded views of Wales, he seems to say, lets us see the reality that surrounds them. It might be unfashionable to dwell on such issues, or so some people assume, but Tim Davies’s answer to the question ,Why make work about Wales?, is ,Why wouldn’t I,? He doesn’t believe that artists escape their time and place, wherever or whatever that place may be. The implication can also be drawn that ‘fashionable art’ is produced for ‘fashionable people’ in ‘fashionable’ places, and as such is rather a facile and fake activity. With his short listing for the Artes Mundi Prize, he received well-deserved attention, and hopefully a platform from which to achieve wider recognition. The same might as easily be said about the Welsh Art scene as a whole. This prize, and the well attended exhibition of the short-listed artists, certainly broadcast the message that Visual Art is a big thing in Wales, and CASW has diligently played its part in that.
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National Museum of Wales
Iwan Bala
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27.0 x 22.0 (x12)
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Tim Davies