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Whose afraid of Kasimir Malevich? (2005)
WATKINS, Islwyn (1938-)
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Islwyn Watkins was born in Tonypandy in 1938. He is a great admirer of German artist Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948). His assemblage, collage and print work reflects his curiosity, tolerance and sense of humour. After studying at Cardiff College of Art in the 1950s, he taught in schools and art colleges in Britain and the United States, notably at Birmingham College of art in the 1970s. A former chairman of the Welsh Group and the Association of Artists and Designers in Wales, he lives in Knighton where he runs an antique ceramics business. With Jeff Nuttall, he produced Merz Jam, a large walk-through installation in the main gallery at Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery, Brecon, in 2000. The Russian pioneer of geometric abstract art Kasimir Malevich (1878-1935) introduced the concept of Suprematism; abstract art more geometrically pure, simple and radical than anything previously seen. Whilst Watkins has produced an abstract assemblage of complexity, rich in colour and varied in materials, it is actually a homage to Malevich built up on a fragment of Art Deco designed enamelled metal sheet which he considered to be an example of Modernism made palatable for public consumption.
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University of South Wales (Oriel y Bont)
David Moore
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Islwyn Watkins