Sacha Llewellyn – Art Historian – ‘Let’s not have any of those damned women’. The Rise and Rise of Women Artists in 20th Century Britain – Saturday 25th January 2020

Posted on Dec 12, 2019

Sacha Llewellyn is a writer, an independent researcher and director of Liss Llewellyn Fine Art.  She has a particular interest in interwar British Modernism and has published catalogue essays for the exhibition ‘ British Realist Painting between the wars’ at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art {2017}. Sacha captured our attention when she curated the first retrospective exhibition of the art of Winifred Knights at the Dulwich Picture Gallery in 2016 about which she delivered her highly academic and elegantly presented lecture to CASW in 2017.

The period examined now by Sacha Llewellyn is one in which two world wars had imposed tremendous upheaval and social change upon Britain allowing women to become centrally and irrevocably involved in art theory and practice. Bound up in this turmoil , the contention , regularly propounded, that ” With only one or two exceptions, no woman has made a great name in art” { Rudolphe Julian} was roundly overturned as the rise of gifted , talented women artists became unstoppable. Judith Foy